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Thirsty Thursday

Posted by Naughty Girl on Sep 11, 2009 with No Comments
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After a long, boring week of  class, I was dying to go out last night, get drunk and let loose.  I love getting crazy and wild with my sorority sisters every Thursday night.  We were all really horny from being stuck inside all week from school and we were ready to go to a hardcore party!!  We got ready together at the house, pounding down some tequila shots and shaking our phat asses to the loud music only in our bras and panties while we tried on all of our sluttiest clothes for the night out.  We have a reputation for being the sluttiest and sexiest party girls on campus, and we don’t like to disappoint!  Tequila makes all of us get out of control really fast.  Some of the drunk girls were so wasted and horny, they couldn’t even wait to get out to the bars to find some cock to hit on and they started kissing and touching each other right there at the sorority house!


We finally made it out to the bars at midnight… at least all the girls that didn’t stay at home for the lesbian slumber party did.  We were all already wasted and ready to do some more hardcore partying when we walked passed the bouncer.  He slapped and grabbed all our asses hard as we walked through the door.  Me and my sisters were determined not to pay for a single drink that night.  All ten of us immediately started  flashing our tits and lifting up our skirts for the bartenders to see, trying to work our way out of paying.  10 tequila shots cumming right up!…It worked like a charm.

We stayed at the bar until it closed at 3am and took all the bartenders home for a sexy X-Rated after-hours party.  Just a bunch of drunk and horny college girls, we were ready to suck some dick and get our tight pussies fucked by the guys we had met that night.  There’s nothing better than having a steamy one night stand and telling all of your sorority sisters about it the next day.  I can’t wait until next Thursday…  Wanna cum too?