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Pre-Christmas Party!

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Christmas vacation incoming! Which means parties, booze and breaking in some of the new girls.  Sounds awesome, right?  Me and my sorority sisters threw a party last night but we only invited a very limited number of guys.  Why?  Besides it being a girls night, we needed to focus our attentions and figured that a few guys would be easier to control than a bunch.  Loud music, nasty grinding and dancing, and alcohol all around.  The guys never said no to our drinks, and soon enough it was hot and we convinced them to strip down with us.  One of the guys started fingering me from under my skirt in the middle of the crowd and I gave everyone the signal that this one was mine.

When I thought I was being the naughtiest, I look over and saw Laura getting fucked right on the couch in the middle of the party and that’s when inspiration hit!  I pulled her guy off her and had all the males lay on the floor, and we began making it a competition, where the guys were drunk and nervous but we had to keep them erect the longest.  We took turns testing the guys and the best part is that someone recorded it on their phone and posted it up – so check out the raunchy party yourself and maybe you’ll be invited next time!

Hazing the New Girl

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Isabella and I hit the park the other day, partly because we always do to keep our booties and bodies in shape but also because we had a new girl.  It was Spring Break in a college town, so almost everyone had left to go party a few miles off where the clubs stay open late and they don’t ID very often.  We were super excited and pumped, mostly because we had a plan – knowing which areas still had people, and which ones were secluded, we took Emily to the park with a guy who was in on our plan.

Yeah, we took the normal facebook-friendly photos, on swings, having fun, goofing off – but what she wasn’t expecting was for Isabella to pop her top and then begin kissing on hers.  The camera guy had left for the restroom a second, and so it was a shocker and she knew we were hazing her – she was going to have to get down with us in public.  She almost resisted, but had no chance as I slipped down her jeans and began tonguing her cheeks, feeling her moist little cunt through her undies while spreading her thigh a little with my left hand.

Things like this aren’t always random – we knew Emily had a little fantasy for public sex, sometimes the guys are completely naked and the girls are not in a CFNM style party, but sometimes the excitement is in being a voyeur or exhibitionist.  Sometimes the risk isn’t just in one person being naked – its in everyone being naked in public, wondering who might see us and what they’d do.  I flipped on the bench, facing up and began nuzzling into her warm pussy.  By and large, Emily never noticed when the camera guy came back until long after he had started taking pictures again.

Besides a loose top, Isabella and I kept our clothing on – it was Emily we wanted to strip – and the same went for the guy.  I pulled off his shirt, then undid his pants from behind, and Isabella grabbed Emily by the neck and guided her to his waiting dick, excited and throbbing having seen three girls going at it.  Emily began to suck him off and then we took them both to the sand to start fucking.  We set the camera on the bench, and yeah, we played with ourselves a little while watching, but we made sure to stay dressed in case we had to run. ;) If anyone got caught, it was going to be this guy with the new girl, and you bet we already had a fake “cop” watching from the bushes, waiting to chase them off.

The hazing had just begun.  College rules!

Getting Wet Poolside

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I decided to invite my hook-up buddy over for a dip in the pool today for some fun.  He came over with a 12 pack of beer and a hard dick, ready to get drunk and play.  We hopped in the sorority house pool on the super sunny and bright day.  I jumped in topless [...]

I Got A New Roommate…She’s Bi

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I came back to my dorm room yesterday and noticed a bunch of stuff on the other bed next to mine.  A suitcase with some clothes and panties hanging out, a few notebooks, a hat, a beer funnel, and a dildo.  Quite a strange variety of items but those things were definitely not mine, which [...]

Fucking In The School Parking Lot

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I met this guy in class at the beginning of the semester and had been sitting next to each other for weeks.  He never really said much except “hi” or “did you study for the test,” but today it started absolutely pouring, lightning, and thundering during class and this dude mustered up enough words to [...]

Flirty Girl Fitness

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Me and my girl Janelle hit the gym the other day to keep our booties and bodies in shape.  It was Fall Break this weekend and almost the entire campus was out of town so when we went to the gym bright and early at 6AM it was literally deserted.  We were super excited and [...]

Sexy Cigarette Break

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Music is a requirement at my school and I go to class every Tuesday/Thursday and am usually really bored, but I noticed this totally hottie the other day when I was day dreaming in class.  I knew right away that I had to fuck him.  He was just a regular guy but there was something [...]

I Like To Play With Balls…

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Me and my sorority girls like to mix things up sometimes so we signed up on campus this week to play some soccer against some other teams this Saturday.  We all figured that playing soccer is the perfect way to keep our booties tight and our legs and stomachs toned and sexy! A girl who [...]

Cooking Naked

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The best part about living in a house full of sorority girls is that no one thinks its bad if you walk around completly naked!  I see different girls everyday just doing the most common things…naked.  Like sometimes I’ll find my sister Natalie studying practically butt naked in a thong in the living room, just [...]